Tuesday, February 15, 2011

With Great Mustache Comes Great Responsibility; Sons of Ben 'Stache Bash Limited Edition Tee Shirt!

WeMUSTache! It started with an idea, 'Wouldn't I look silly with a mustache?'. It turned into folklore within the Sons of Ben family, and it has turned into a fundraiser to benefit Help Kick Hunger in Chester, PA. Introducing the Sons of Ben 'Stache Bash Tee Shirt! The Brotherly Game, in conjunction with BarkTees, has officially released the 'Stache Bash Tee Shirt! Featuring Philadelphia finest citizen, Ben Franklin, with a handlebar mustache, the shirt will make you think, 'I'm a proud Philadelphian, I am proud wearer of 'stache, and I am dead sexy!' The 'Stache Bash shirt is a limited edition shirt to celebrate the soon to be announced 'Stache Bash; part of the Sons of Ben tailgate at our home opener on March 26th, 2011 at PPL Park in Chester, PA.  The shirt is for sale at BarkTees (link at the bottom) for $14.99 and comes in mens, womens, and childrens sizes. On each sale, $8.50 will be donated to Sons of Ben Help Kick Hunger to benefit The Bernardine Center in Chester, PA (http://www.bernardinecenter.org/ )

What can you do to help? We encourage you to grow your 'stache. If you can't grow a 'stache, purchase a fake one. If you can't purchase a fake one, find a marker and draw one. Use the 'stache (I assure you, someone will ask you why you grew a 'stache) to raise awareness of the the Sons of Ben, The 'Stache Bash, The 'Stache Bash Shirt, Help Kick Hunger, and The Bernardine Center in Chester, PA. Encourage everyone you know to buy the shirt and Help Kick Hunger.

I look forward to March 26th. First we 'stache, then we 'Stache Bash! Then, as we DOOP together, watching our Philadelphia Union destroy the expansion side Vancouver Whitecaps, we will doing so knowing that we have 'stached to Help Kick Hunger in Chester, PA!

For those about to 'stache, we salute you!

Order your shirt here. http://www.barktees.com/Stache-Bash-ALL-PROFITS-TO-HKH-5999.htm;jsessionid=05BF78C3571A7D9170498CAEEFB4AF1C.qscstrfrnt05

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