Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quest 4 Quest Day 1

For those of you who may not have seen the latest overambitious venture from our Sons of Ben, late the other night, member Scott Kessler mentioned how cool it would be if ?uestlove from The Roots came to Chester and sat in The River End with us. Well, wheels in other heads started spinning, and by the time Scott had finished Seder, we had a twitter movement, #quest4Quest. 

The idea is simple. We want ?uestlove to come to The River End for a match. Maybe he can help our drummers out (good luck). 

Well, sometime in the last night/ wee morning hours, contact was made. ?uest reached out through his twitter account to @TheRiverEnd to confirm that PPL Park is in Chester and to acknowledge that he has seen our tweets. 

So we know ?uestlove really is out there, and we know that ?uestlove has seen the first round of Sons of Ben tweets to him. Keep it up, SoBs. #quest4Quest, in one day, in actually less than 14 hours, got ?uest's attention. Keep it positive, keep it fun, let's make #quest4Quest happen.  

I may not update this blog every day, but when #quest4Quest news breaks, I will be there. 


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