Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quest 4 Quest Day 2: Drinkers West, Philly, PA

A little over 48 hours into 'Quest 4 Quest'. In contact with Quest news, Sara Shepherd became his favorite newbie when she used the term 'rappy'. Always the articulate speaker, we are glad to have Sara on our side.

SoB's at Drinkers West tonight... Our boy Questlove will be spinning records at Drinkers West in Philadelphia, PA tonight. One of our Sons of Ben member, Christine Kelly, will be attending. In her possession is a gift for Quest from the Sons of Ben.

Due to my work schedule, I will be unable to attend the event at Drinkers West, but I would like to hear that our Philly SoB's made it out to support Christine, Questlove, and our quest 4 Quest. Here is the link to Drinkers West. . Quest will be spinning from 10pm to 2am.

I changed my blog profile picture to a design made by one of our Sons of Ben member. We have dubbed this the 'Jolly Questlove'. 

Currently, I have some folks in NYC and in Philly checking to see if they have any contacts direct to Questlove, Jimmy Fallon, or The Roots.

I hope to have a post tomorrow about our success at Drinkers West. DOOP! And I leave you with some Questlove.

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